Do-Gooder’s With Go-Getter Drive: START HERE!

Thinking about this first blog entry, I was posed with the conundrum: What kind of useful information would I want if I were a young, smart, witty, do-gooder with go-getter drive? Then like most things come to me…in an epiphany of  a “DUH?!” moment, I realized…I am all of those things, and that’s why I begin here, with this first blog…. Helping you see how smart, easy, and lucrative taking action can be!


With youth, 18 – 24, utilizing social networks to enhance their social life, learning, & fun it’s no wonder more and more of them are initiating successful organizations and businesses along those same platforms.

According to Why Now Is A Great Time To Be A Young Entrepreneur recent startups like Her Campus, Rent the Runway, and LearnVest are all three lucrative businesses that were founded by women in their early twenties.

That same article focuses on the top 5 reasons youth should embrace the trend, and I’ve summarized it below:

1. Employment is Scarce

Because of the weak economy, Generation Y is finding that the best way to find the career of your dreams is to create it yourself.

2. The Trend is Growing

Sarah Prevette, (under 30 CEO) founder of entrepreneur networking site Sprouter says the start-up trend became successful due to recent start-up founders like Mark Zuckerburg.

3. Entry is Easier

With the technology and tools available to us online, and the inexpensive ways to use social media for marketing and networking, getting your ideas/businesses off the ground is easier than ever.

4. Inexperience is Good

Youth has an advantage in today’s technological world, growing up in the new age of social media they can navigate the business landscape & network much easier than people have done in the past.

5. Risk is Relative

Being young means you have less to lose and more to gain. It may be nerve racking to invest in an idea with no capital, but it can also me more rewarding when you finally see the return of your own idea.

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